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Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Right Choice

<Begin Rant>

Our trip to Japan reinforced our belief that we have made the right decision in moving out of the US when we retire. The US really doesn't hold anything for us to want to remain living here. We're disappointed with the government and their constant eroding of our freedoms, the idiocy of the politicians who seem to want to destroy America rather than make the compromises necessary to help the country due to their inability and fear to compromise from their set in stone ideology, and the general populace (yes, this is a generalization) who aren't able to think for themselves and instead take some talking head's opinion, or religious zealot's opinion, or some right or left wing organization's opinion as the truth and insist that everyone should be forced into their way of thinking.

All countries instill in their citizens the belief that their country is the best in the world. This propaganda in America leads Americans (and again, this is a generalization) to be arrogant, belligerent and self centered. This attitude leads to such All American sayings like “America, Love It Or Leave It” and “My Country, Right Or Wrong” and people really do believe this crap; and if something doesn't go their way in the world, they immediately jump to the conclusion that we should just bomb the crap out of them to set them straight. You know, kill them all and let God sort them out.

The polarization in American society is absolutely ridiculous.

We've worked hard our entire lives to reach a point where we can retire and enjoy a comfortable life. Then a few years ago the bankers and financial gurus pretty much wiped out all of our hard work and lots of people our age now think they can never retire because they can't afford to live on what they have left. And what has happened to the thieves that stole several generations hope that hard work and sacrifice would lead to the wonderful Golden Years?

Nothing! The government bails them out using taxpayer money but tells us that the thieves are too big and powerful to be held accountable. And they start all over again. Incredible!

But we still want to enjoy our Golden Years and find that we can do so if we throw off the propaganda of our government and take the (not so) difficult step to move out of the country. And Surprise, we can retire even earlier than we might have if the events of the last few years hadn't occurred.

So we choose to retire early, enjoy more quality years together, enjoy each others company, have more adventures together, and enjoy our Golden Years. And we choose to begin in Thailand.

</End Rant>

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