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We are a married couple who retired and moved to Thailand in 2014. You are welcome to join us and our travel monkeys Sun Wukong and Malcolm Jr. on our adventures! We hope you enjoy the trip as much as we do.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Our Khao Tao Adventure

It was a relatively cool day so we headed to the beach for a walk.  Little did we know we would end up walking 10 kilometers to the village of Khao Tao.  There are many things to see and we had a great time.

                                          A very creative way to make art from beach trash

Looking back toward our condo

 After a leisurely 3 hour walk we found a seaside restaurant at the end of the beach and had an ice coffee, Isaan Laab Moo and Khao Pad Gai

 After our late lunch we decided we couldn't make it home by the beach and then saw these dark storm clouds quickly rolling in.  We didn't know where we could find a taxi and needed to find shelter fast!

We found a covered bus stop. We started out sitting down on the bench but very quickly stood on the bench as the water was raising in the street and cars were driving by quickly and splashing  water on the sidewalk.  We waited out the storm in the company of a small bird after which we found a coffee shop and asked where we could find a taxi.  He said to walk into the village and maybe we would find one at 7-11.  The nice man at the coffee shop gave us plastic bags to put our cameras in!

So we headed the direction we had just come from and luckily we saw a taxi and waved him over. He had a fare and said he would be right back.  As we drove to the village we realized we were nearly a mile away from 7-11.   It took us 10 minutes by car to get home!   We had a great day and laughed at being stuck in the rain.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Souvenirs And The Best Kitchen Gadget Ever from Osaka

                 Hello Kitty (My Mother's Day Present) with her friends Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori! 

Noren, a Japanese cloth room divider, wall hanging, doorway curtain or a window curtain. The word noren usually refers to split curtains hung in front of a shop. It was used to keep out the sun and dust but now since it often has the shop's name written on it, it serves as the shop's sign as well. Noren are commonly used in private homes as space dividers or decorations.

The Best Kitchen Gadget EVER!

During our visit to Osaka I thought I would look for a knife. My mind was set to “just look” but when I walked into Tower Knives and they explained the process of factory production versus hand forged and then let me actually try each one on real veggies.........OH WOW!

I picked up the hand forged Sakai knife and sliced through the tomato like it was air. I was so astonished I couldn't help but laugh out loud. It was the most visceral feeling to have the knife feel like it was an extension of my hand...... I was sold on the spot.

When I told them I wanted the hand forged Sakai knife they brought 6 of them for me to hold so I could choose the exact one I wanted! Then they walked me through a sharpening lesson and I added a sharpening stone to my purchase. I feel so fortunate to have this quality piece of steel.

Each time I use it I concentrate on being being slow and careful because the blade is as sharp as a razor. It is like a meditation....breathe, relax, be the blade......create with love!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Food Of Osaka

We arrived at 7 am at the fish market for sushi breakfast and had to wait in line for 45 minutes. Next time we will arrive earlier....they open at 5 am! The shop is small with 4 tables and a couple of single seats. Best breakfast ever!

Osaka is known as “The Kitchen of Japan” and no wonder with the freshest ingredients at their fingertips! We had 3 different kinds of Ramen and we can't decide which we like more because they were all marvelous! I apologize for not remembering the names of them, but I will try to explain what we ate.

Pork Bone Ramen is just what it sounds like. The men working in the shop wear rubber boots and stir from giant pots of rich thick broth that is topped with fresh noodles. It was so thick the noodles were not able to sink into the broth. The first bite was indescribable. We smiled, laughed and looked at each other trying to come up with words. Pork Gravy was the best we could do. As we walked out, it seemed as if we could feel our arteries clogging, but we were satisfied and oh so happy!


The next Ramen was a short train ride away from home. The counter held only 15 or so people all happily slurping fresh hand made noodles in a delicious pork broth. It was lighter than the pork gravy one described above but not lacking in flavor! We watched the noodle man work his magic as he was stretching, cutting, and cooking the best noodles we have ever had! We made mmmm noises in between our own slurps!


Our third was black sesame broth Ramen and it was to put it mildly......AMAZING! We love food and consider ourselves to be foodies, but our very brief experience with food in Osaka knocked us off our feet and we feel like our taste buds just woke up from thousands of years asleep.

You can find anything you want in Osaka and we were craving a real hamburger. Yes, we found it and were not disappointed. Greasy, but in a good way and full of flavor on a home made bun from the bakery on site. The french fries were liberally dusted with black pepper and again we found ourselves tasting something new.

We had Korean food on the 13 floor of a beautiful building in one of the shopping districts.

More food pictures

                                                       Yep, this was a great burrito!

Husband and Wife with a shop that sells the most delicious potato croquettes

We can't wait to go back!