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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Asian Customer Service and Chiang Mai Booked

I last mentioned that we had sent emails to a half dozen places we are thinking of possibly staying when we are in Chiang Mai.  Being a westerner, and being used to customer service in America, I hoped that we would hear back from a few of the places that we emailed within a week.  Well, in actuality, all of them replied to us within 12 hours of our emailing them.  Most of that time was during the night due to the time zone difference between Thailand and the left coast of the US.

After pouring over their emails and discussing between us where we felt was the best place for us to stay to meet the expectations of our needs for the trip we decided that the Rachamankha Flora House inside the moat would be our ideal place.  So, we booked our 20 night stay there and that makes all of our housing locations completed for the visit.

Here is a photo from their website of the Floral House:

rachamankha floral house

Now we’ll continue to monitor airline flights for the trip and try and get the best price available for them.

Wow, Christmas at the beach and New Year’s in Chiang Mai!

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