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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Our College Apartment?

It is October 2013, we made arrangements to give away our furniture to several very nice college students that will be getting married shortly after graduation next year.   Timing was right for Grant and Charlotte to rent a truck and so we happily gave them several pieces of furniture.

Our small two bedroom apartment now looks like we are either moving in or moving out.   We have one bed in the living room being used as a couch and two small side tables with lamps.   We have our bed and two nightstands with lamps in the bedroom and a large screen TV on a coffee table in the living room.   Yep, I think most University students have more furniture than we do.

We have taken several car loads to St. Vincent dePaul Charities for donation and only have a few items in the kitchen to go through.  I have even pared down to 4 plates, cups, glasses, bowls and a few pieces of utensils.   

While meditating this morning I was aware of how impatient I have been surrounding this move.  I have been selfish in my wanting.  Wanting time to fly so it is August and we are in our new home in Chiang Mai.  Wishing my time here to be in the past.

In nearly 40 years of marriage we have experienced many major life events, have moved several times to different states, changed jobs, had major medical issues and have bought and sold 3 homes.    Each one of those created intense emotions…………..but this life event is different.

I am so over the top excited about this new phase of our life I can hardly contain myself.   It is all I am able to think about.   I go to sleep visualizing our new home, swimming in the pool, hiking, exploring side streets, smiling till my face hurts and living life on our terms.

In my quiet thoughts after yoga I heard a voice that said, “Be happy where you are!”   I will certainly do my best.  

Each drop fills the bucket…..The Dalai Lama

I saw this and wanted to share it with you.   

Passion       Wonder       Love        Healing       Patience      Silence       Strength       Understanding      Courage      Wisdom      Laughter      Peace      Encouragement      Care
Sweetness      Beauty      Elegance      Freedom      Quiet      Motivation       Appreciation      Magic      Attention      Bliss      Contentment      Happiness      Delight      Warmth      Hilarity     Well-Being      Spirit      Playfulness      Sensitiveness      Energy      Heart      Awareness      Substance      Certainty    Truth    Insight    Intuition

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