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We are a married couple who retired and moved to Thailand in 2014. You are welcome to join us and our travel monkeys Sun Wukong and Malcolm Jr. on our adventures! We hope you enjoy the trip as much as we do.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Floating Market Cont....Hair Cuts, Movie and Cicada Market

December 21 continued......

After the Floating Market we lazed around the resort until it was time for dinner. We walked a short distance to the main street where we checked out the Mom and Pop food carts and stalls. Tonight is the Firework Festival for the Kings Birthday and the streets are bumper to bumper. We had to wait quite a while before there was a break in traffic large enough to cross the street. We found a noodle soup shop that appeared to be a converted garage with tables and his food cart right out on the sidewalk. Most food stalls or shops will cook all day and open in the early evening and stay open till midnight. He had two soups to choose from, one was with pork is Guay Teow Moo and the other was with beef Guay Teow Nuea woo-a each included a heap of noodles and green onions. Each broth was different and you could tell it was lovingly put together and cooked long and slow all day. The were so good that each bite was accompanied with a loud Mmmmmmm! All three of us were amazed and we plan on going back.  30 baht each or $1.00 US

After we ate we walked to the beach and watched the fireworks. They were wonderful!

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December 22

Breakfast was Rice Soup again for three of us and Lisa had Pad Thai. The resort does a great job and has a really beautiful set up and the weather is so nice year around that the tables are outside where we listened to the birds as we ate.

On to Market Village for haircuts for the 4 of us and then to watch the Hobbit 2 and to Cicada Market and the Night Market.

Pro Cut in Market Village Mall is on the 3rd floor. The 4 of us walked in and were immediately given a stylist. I showed the man a picture from my phone and he looked at my hair and said, “Can Do” Then he took me to a shampoo station. I have never had a shampoo like this before......not only did he shampoo twice and then apply cream rinse...as he did this I received a marvelous scalp massage. It must have taken 10 minutes and I found myself smiling and giggling throughout.

He took me to his station and looked at the picture, I closed my eyes because I like to feel the experience instead of watching it and for the next 20 minutes I felt like a magical butterfly was flitting around my head landing ever so softly and moving on to the next spot. I didn't hear scissors clicking, I didn't feel the comb digging into my scalp and not once did he pull or tug on my hair. It was heavenly!!! We were all finished about the same time and the total each for shampoo, cut and style was 350 Baht - $10.74. In the US this would cost me nearly $50.00 and I wouldn't be treated like a precious gem being lovingly polished. Vince, Steven and Lisa had a similar experience.

We had a couple hours before our movie so we wandered looking for food in the mall. We found food booths on the second floor located at an exit and I saw bags of shredded fried catfish with lettuce and sauce. I asked the man how do I eat it and he proceeded to put it together in a container for me. He put the shredded fried catfish in and on top placed shredded green papaya and some yummy sauce! I was very appreciative and after I ate it went back to take a picture of the food and the lady asked to take my picture! That is the first time that has happened! Silly foreign lady doesn't know how to eat fried catfish!! Ha Ha Ha

Wandering around before our movie we found ourselves in Home Pro which is kind of like Home Depot in the US. I looked at some dining room tables and chairs, sofas and beds. I took some pictures to refer to later.

Back at the theater we bought popcorn, drink and a beer for Vince. He is not a big beer drinker, but just had to have one while watching the Hobbit because this is just not allowed in the US. Vince and Steve bought the tickets the first thing when we arrived and choose to pay for the Emperor Class Seats....plush recliner seats with satin blankets! It was 325 Baht each - $10.00 for the movie and the seats. OH MAN was this ever the way to watch a 3 hour movie! I do believe the new Festival Mall near our house in Chiang Mai has these! The movie was spectacular!

After the movie we hopped a Tuk Tuk to Cicada Market and wandered around there for a while. It is supposed to be full of vendors that make handmade crafts. Some were very clever, some were silly, some were practical and some were clearly not handmade. It was interesting and as always the vendors are pleasant and happy to see the foreigner. We caught a songtheaw back to the resort and had another good night's sleep.


  1. Happy Holidays ,Great read & very nice pictures to support a Pleasant Lifestyle in Thailand on the cheap and affordable side...

    1. Happy Holidays to you also. Thank you for your nice words of encouragement. A few more days in the Hua Hin area and we move on to Chiang Mai on December 28th for 3 weeks! Stay tuned for more adventures!