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We are a married couple who retired and moved to Thailand in 2014. You are welcome to join us and our travel monkeys Sun Wukong and Malcolm Jr. on our adventures! We hope you enjoy the trip as much as we do.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Family Time!

Throughout the day we received many phone calls from our Thai family which included many laughs and giggles because neither of us could understand each other. They arranged to pick us up the next morning to show us our house and take us around Chiang Mai for the day. Well.........this is a perfect example of how one must be flexible. We were waiting for them to arrive at 10 am the next morning and with more phone calls from Meow we realized they were lost. When Momma called I took my phone to the front desk so the woman there could explain how to get to the apartment.

We were introduced to family, the mother of our landlord, her niece Nok, who speaks a little English and was our translator along with Google Translate, and their friend Pong. They asked us to stay with them for 2 nights so we ran upstairs to cram the hurricane mess we had made of our belongings back into our carry on luggage and our backpacks. The apartment was reserved for the next three weeks and the woman at the desk said they would hold our luggage until we returned from Den Chai. We decided to check out completely, cancel our reservation and managed easily to put all of our things in the back of the car.

Linda, Toi, Nok and Pong

On the way to see our house we made a quick stop on the outskirts of Baan Tawai village where there are hundreds of vendors selling carved, and sculpted pieces of art. Huge statues, tiny elephants, tables, chairs, beds, cupboards and too many other things to mention.  We are planning on going back to get a better sense of what this village is all about.

These life size horses made of wood were amazing.

We saw many pieces of furniture made for giants

This table was at least 16 feet long and is one slab of wood

This round table and the square one below....Baht 1,300 = $394

We saw this dining room table we liked and will keep it in mind when we move.

We were excited to see our house and the area. We met one next door neighbor from Canada and he was pleased to know we will be moving in August. It seems the student has loud parties and a lot of people over frequently. The yard needs some work and there are a few things inside that can be fixed in a jiffy. We are very happy with our choice.

We will be able to ride bicycles from our house to a restaurant that serves Khao Soy and other Thai food. This is where we had lunch and it was very yummy and we will be making regular stops there.

It took 5 hours to get to Den Chai with the short stops we made.  

Having fun with Vince's hat

Very sweet Mother and Daughter owners of coffee shop

When we arrived at the house we were shown to our room and I was told it was Momma's room.  I was worried that she would have to sleep on the floor!  No, it seems she took her 14 year old grandson's room!   She has two very sweet dogs and it seems no matter what country you are in, dogs are afraid of firework noises.

Once we were settled they asked us to come outside. A large table was laid out with many dishes that had been prepared for our arrival and to celebrate New Years Eve. Of course all of it was amazing. We ate, chatted, laughed, took pictures, and ate some more. Nok works in Bangkok, but her brother, mother, and father have a farm and family home in Den Chai. They were all at dinner along with some friends that showed up late into the evening.......I am sure to see the Falang (Foreigner). Everyone was so nice and they were happy to include us. As tired as we were, the necessity of staying up till midnight to see in the New Year was not to be taken lightly. We all counted down and watched the fireworks in the neighborhood for the next 15 or 20 minutes and then we went our separate ways to bed, but were told we would be up bright and early to give alms to the Monks. Little did we know what adventures awaited us!

70 year old Mother of Nok had a song in her head so we danced to it!


  1. Lovely! Looks like an amazing time and so much fun. See you soon ;)

    1. It was nice meeting you and chatting about life over a delicious lunch. You are in store for more adventures soon!