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We are a married couple who retired and moved to Thailand in 2014. You are welcome to join us and our travel monkeys Sun Wukong and Malcolm Jr. on our adventures! We hope you enjoy the trip as much as we do.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Life Is Change.......Change Is Life

It's February 1st and today is our 40th Wedding Anniversary! Where did the time go? Walking to our favorite coffee shop we watched a bright rainbow fade as the morning sunshine appeared brighter and brighter. What a lovely day to reminisce and remember what the past 40 years were like.

We were young, Vince 21 and I was just 19! It really was love at first sight. We both were on the deck of race boats floating slowly to the docks for fuel when we locked eyes. Vince was guiding the front of the boat to the dock when his uncle told him, “It would help if you put the paddle in the water!” I remember he had shoulder length wavy black hair and very nice set of sculpted shoulders! I was lounging in the sun wearing a white bikini! We knew in that instant we had found our soul mate and the excitement was crackling in the air. We could hear each other thinking, “There you are!”

We have lived in 15 different places in 3 different states, including a 12 foot travel trailer, a condominium on a golf course, a house in the redwoods and a WW2 pre-fab little cracker box house. Three of them we owned and the last one was a duplex with our son and daughter-in-law on 5 acres. We have many memories of each, some not so good and some that bring up much laughter.

Four years later we had a son who turned out to be kind, caring, brilliant, loving, serious and funny. I think we did pretty well. We grew up in the 50's and 60's and if we heard of a classmate with divorced parents it was shocking. Our son grew up in the 80's and 90's where divorced families were the norm and having original parents was something his classmates could not relate to. I feel we gave him a foundation for his future happy marriage when we would tell each other “I Love You” every day. We would tease, laugh, play jokes, cook together, and have vacations. We helped him understand the seriousness of managing money and he actually asked us when he was a teenager. “Can I have $20.00?” “You have $1,500 in the bank!” “I know, but that's my money!” He now has a beautiful wife and a lovely marriage with a bright future.

We would go camping at the ocean, mountains and redwoods. Once we found ourselves in Big Foot Country at a deserted campground and shortly after we set up our tent trailer we smelled a horrendous stinky giant wet dog kind of smell and felt like we were being watched.......we promptly packed up and drove through the dark of night for hours until we found a town and a motel! We even had a golf vacation at the famous Sea Ranch Golf Course in California. We went to Disneyland where Lin was hugged a little to tight by the Big Bad Wolf as he copped a feel! And much later Vince and I became addicted to taking cruises to the Western Caribbean, Hawaii, Alaska, Panama Canal and hopefully someday in the near future around Asia.

We owned 9 cars and two small trucks. I think my favorites were a cute little red Toyota Corolla and the old Volkswagen Beetle that we had to make sure to park on a slight hill because it had to be push started every time!

You know when people ask if you are a cat person or a dog person? I really never knew for sure until I counted. We have had 2 dogs and 10 cats so I guess we are cat people! My first experience with cats was when Vince came to my work and held out his hands in front of him. Sound asleep in the palm of his hands were brother and sister Siamese Kittens! We named them Biscuit and Raisin. Others we named Soon, Later and After.....you get the drift.

As the computer age was exploding our son Steven guided us along and helped us navigate the swiftly moving changes. One year he was adding more RAM to a fairly new computer and it seemed the next week he was building a new machine from the ground up. We are so glad he did and we embraced learning a brand new language because it helped us have an internet business when eBay was just a baby. We were able to make a good living for several years but then eBay went public with their stock and soon our competition was large corporations like Macy’s and Victoria’s Secret.

Like other families, we have had our share of illnesses, childhood diseases, surgeries and broken bones. We nurtured and cared for each other as families do and learned along the way that no matter what happens we will always do what is necessary.

While living in the duplex with our son and daughter-in-law she called me in a panic to come over because there was a raccoon in the bathroom! Slapstick comedy ensued when we decided to throw shoes and poke a broom toward it while yelling, “Get OUT!” Poor thing, it finally gave up on the bowl of cat food and ran out the door!

Our jobs in the 40 years have consisted of for Vince: Working in a jewelry store, a shoe store, driving a laundry truck and working as grounds maintenance in two states and irrigation specialist for the University of Oregon.

As for Lin: I worked for a Wedding and Party shop, in boutique clothing stores, and fast food restaurants. I drove a large commercial truck and worked for a city Waste Water Department and cleaned out sewer man holes......(Yep, a woman has to do what a woman has to do)....thankfully it was only for a year! I also work for the University of Oregon as I like to call my job.... Office Monkey!

We know several young couples preparing to be married this year and our advice to them would be: Keep your sense of humor, respect each other, never go to bed angry and do go to bed at the same time if at all possible. Be flexible, or as Vince says, “If we have a disagreement, Lin tells me what she would like to do, I tell her what I'd like to do, and then we compromise and do it her way!” ...LOL Problem Avoided!

Decisions when choosing important purchases: If one of us doesn't like it we must start over and both agree. It helped a lot when we built our house.

What is better than looking forward to the next adventure with your best friend!   


  1. What a beautiful post. I'm sorry I originally missed it. I think my feed is selective! But I loved hearing your journey, it's so wonderful to hear something good and sweet. Hugs and bugs from CM :P

  2. Thank you Lani! Now you know more about us than you ever dreamed! I love how you signed off......Hugs and bugs from CM.

  3. Do you remember where you were at when you smelled the stinky wet dog smell? I'm interested in bigfoot. I'm also in process of moving to Chiang Mai, maybe sometime in May, so enjoyed reading about your recent Thai vacation. I found your blog via JC's member site (RetireCheap.asia). I saw your blog post about having a problem with the Thai Medical Certificate. I just did my medical tests last week, it was almost time for my yearly checkup anyway ($45 for blood tests, $25 doctor visit, Kaiser HMO). Another member (Steve M), who posted under JC's weekly update video, just visited the NY Thai Embassy and was told they did not require the police or medical form for a Retirement Visa. They plan to return next week with their completed visa apps and finance form, so stay tuned. If interested, I'm poka513 on YouTube. Thanks.

    1. We were at the Rogue River outside of Agness, Oregon. It will be interesting to see if they don't need the medical or police report forms. The Thai Embassy still lists them as a requirement. But sometimes, they do their own thing. We're going over on a 90 day non-o and will apply for the one year extension to stay in the last 30 days. No problems or hassles.

      From the Thai Embassy Website:
      Required documents (*** One original set and 3 sets of copies. Requested documentation 5–7 must be notarized.***)
      1. Four visa application forms |Download|
      2. Four passport-type photos (Passport-type photo, 2” x 2”, color, front-view, taken within 6 months, and write your name and last name on the back of each photo).
      3. Four copies of the applicant's passport (the picture page) - include the actual passport when submitting the application. Passport must be valid for at least 18 more months.
      4. Four copies of Personal Data Form. |Download|
      *5. Four copies of:
      - applicant's bank statement (U.S.) showing a balance in the amount of not less than 800,000 Baht (current Thai exchange rate is available from the Bank of Thailand web site)
      - or an income certificate with a monthly salary of not less than 65,000 Baht
      - or a combination of a deposit account plus a monthly income totaling not less than 800,000 Baht a year.
      (When submitting the bank statement, a letter from the bank verifying the account and balance is to be presented)
      *6. Four copies of police verification stating the applicant has no criminal record issued by the authority concerned of his/her nationality or residence. The verification must not be more than three months old.
      *7. Four copies of the completed medical certificate form |Download| issued from the country where the application is submitted, showing no prohibitive diseases as indicated in the Ministerial Regulation No. 14 (B.E. 2535) with the name and address of the doctor. The certificate must be not be older than 3 months.

    2. FYI: 1904 Wildman story from near Agness, Oregon:

    3. Thanks for the link Mike. It is funny that it is from Cottage Grove. We lived there for 12 years and drove and hiked many miles on and off deserted logging roads placing Geo Caches. Sometimes we were so far into the woods we couldn't get cell signal or gps signals. It was beautiful being up on a ridge looking out to see nothing but forest for hundreds and hundreds of miles. I can see how something could live there and not be discovered.

      The only thing we saw that could have held a creature that large was a long ago burned out GIANT Old Growth stump in the middle of a dark dense area. Walking down into it was strange. The dirt floor was smooth and dry and you could tell that some kind of animal had used it for cover. The area was bigger than your average bedroom! It sure was fun, but also dangerous in many ways because without any type of communication and no other people for hundreds of miles you really could be lost forever! I have read that Geocachers have indeed found bodies while looking for caches. We were always hoping to find a large bag of money!