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Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Doorman

There is a Thai restaurant behind the condo we go to nearly every night.  Maria's is open from October to April when the tourists are here for the high season.

The outdoor tables are under cute bamboo huts on the property her family owns and all of the people working there are sons, daughters and brothers and sisters.   That is Pim taking Vince's order and her mother Maria on the left.

                                                        Her elderly father does all the gardening.

The restaurant is next to a small alley that is used by Thai families in the neighborhood and there are many scooters and other dogs along the road to the condo.

Maria has a dog.............  His name is Thing.   We call him "The Doorman"   

The first couple of times we went he just watched us come and go.   It didn't take long before he was greeting us at his boundary line, whining that we were not walking toward him fast enough and he would proceed to walk us to a table he picked out and lay down nearby until we were ready to leave.

When we were done he would walk us out as far as his area allowed while shooing other dogs away.   We notice he does not do this with other people.........probably because we talk to him, say hello and good bye and thank him for walking us part of the way home.

                                                              The food is consistently good.

                                                                        Cashew Chicken

                                                        Green salad with garlic french bread

                                                                           Pork Fried Rice

                                                    Hot, sweet and sour coconut chicken soup

                                                                Sweet and Sour Shrimp

                                                                   Penang Chicken Curry

                                                         Spicy Basil with Chicken and a fried egg

                                                                         Spicy Basil Pork

It is the only restaurant I have ever been to that gives you free fruit for desert!

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  1. Hmmmmm. Looks yummy. I like the grounds, too. There is a similar style restaurant in Chiang Rai, but everyone loves to drive up to the little shack and tables. It reminds me of Sonic meets Thai food in the tropics. Weird, but hey, you know Thais, they don't like to walk - heaven forbid they walk to their tables! 555+ :P