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We are a married couple who retired and moved to Thailand in 2014. You are welcome to join us and our travel monkeys Sun Wukong and Malcolm Jr. on our adventures! We hope you enjoy the trip as much as we do.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Food Of Osaka

We arrived at 7 am at the fish market for sushi breakfast and had to wait in line for 45 minutes. Next time we will arrive earlier....they open at 5 am! The shop is small with 4 tables and a couple of single seats. Best breakfast ever!

Osaka is known as “The Kitchen of Japan” and no wonder with the freshest ingredients at their fingertips! We had 3 different kinds of Ramen and we can't decide which we like more because they were all marvelous! I apologize for not remembering the names of them, but I will try to explain what we ate.

Pork Bone Ramen is just what it sounds like. The men working in the shop wear rubber boots and stir from giant pots of rich thick broth that is topped with fresh noodles. It was so thick the noodles were not able to sink into the broth. The first bite was indescribable. We smiled, laughed and looked at each other trying to come up with words. Pork Gravy was the best we could do. As we walked out, it seemed as if we could feel our arteries clogging, but we were satisfied and oh so happy!


The next Ramen was a short train ride away from home. The counter held only 15 or so people all happily slurping fresh hand made noodles in a delicious pork broth. It was lighter than the pork gravy one described above but not lacking in flavor! We watched the noodle man work his magic as he was stretching, cutting, and cooking the best noodles we have ever had! We made mmmm noises in between our own slurps!


Our third was black sesame broth Ramen and it was to put it mildly......AMAZING! We love food and consider ourselves to be foodies, but our very brief experience with food in Osaka knocked us off our feet and we feel like our taste buds just woke up from thousands of years asleep.

You can find anything you want in Osaka and we were craving a real hamburger. Yes, we found it and were not disappointed. Greasy, but in a good way and full of flavor on a home made bun from the bakery on site. The french fries were liberally dusted with black pepper and again we found ourselves tasting something new.

We had Korean food on the 13 floor of a beautiful building in one of the shopping districts.

More food pictures

                                                       Yep, this was a great burrito!

Husband and Wife with a shop that sells the most delicious potato croquettes

We can't wait to go back!