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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Celebrating Loy Krathong at Centara Grand Beach Resort

Loy Krathong is one of the most ritualistic and colorful events happily celebrated by families all over Thailand. Handmade Krathongs come with a candle, three incense sticks and some flowers and are made with banana leaves folded in designs.  Floating the Krathong signifies the purging of bad luck and in current times often used to ask for riches, love and prosperity.

                       So begins our lovely evening spent at the Centara Grand Beach Resort

We heard a sweet voice calling...."Mr. Hat, Mr. Hat!"
It was our friend Bim whom we have not seen for many months. 

                   Dancers and Musicians leading the guests to their garden and poolside tables

               Our fresh orchid garlands to be used later in the evening to vote for Miss Noppamas

            There was a Krathong on every table for the guests to float at the end of the evening

These are giant Krathongs made by each department at the hotel floating in the swimming pool

The food was delicious and there were nearly 50 different dishes to choose from but you can see where my eye went for photos!

Traditional Thai Dance

I love that I caught the sign in this picture!

What Venus is to beauty for the ancient Greeks, Noppamas is the ultimate beauty for Thai women. 
It is said that a woman of great beauty and charm named Noppamas was a favorite of King Phaya Lithai in 1347 and that she made the first Krathong.  Thai women all across the country enter local Noppamas Beauty Contests in her honor.

These contestants were representing the departments they work at Centara.  The ladies circulated the gardens and each guest placed their garland over the neck of the woman they chose to be Miss Noppamas.

Sun Wukong was obviously the winner!

Making wishes before floating Krathongs

I like how the reflections are in this picture

Mr. Hat floating our Krathong

Our favorite part of the evening was the giant ice sculpture of a Krathong.  It was incredibly beautiful and we were mesmerized by the changes throughout as it was thawing in the heat. 

 It was a nice place to cool off from the heat. It was 32 C or 90 F at 10 pm!

This is my favorite!

If I was a cat I would want to live at Centara Grand Beach Resort!   Just look at those eyes!

Good Night from mysterious, magical, and oh so beautiful Hua Hin, Thailand

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