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Friday, February 19, 2016

From The Ocean To Your Plate

We went to Cha-am fishing village for lunch with our favorite ladies Lisette and Bim.  There is a seafood restaurant at the fishing village where boats come in from all over the Gulf of Thailand to unload their catch and get ready to go out to sea again.    It is unimaginably hard work!

This was so funny!  Vince looked up from where we were sitting to see another man in a hat.  He said, "Look, there is a man with a hat like mine!"    "Oh, it's me!"   We had a great laugh so I made him wave at himself in the mirror from across the room!

 We watched the fishermen hauling the nets up from the hold.  The pile got higher and higher while others were repairing torn holes.

 He probably has been moving from one boat to the next like this for years!

 He was washing off fish slime with pumped wharf water.

 Coming in to get ice for the hold before going back out to the Gulf.

He was pulling the chain to arrange the ice chute for dumping in the hold. 

 The guy on the truck unloading 500 pound blocks of ice and the guys inside were catching it! 

 They manually moved it to the conveyor belt which was not moving. The man would stand on the ice and push it with his legs and feet to the chipper where it would be moved up the pipe and then into the ship.

 Crab pots.

 Rinsing a little bit and getting ready to weigh the next load and put it on the trucks.

 All along the wharf people have their shacks for storing and repairing equipment.  Many even live here as this is their life night and day.

 Squid lights used to shine green light at night to attract phytoplankton so the squid come to the light to eat and then they are netted.

This image is from the internet and show a picture from the International Space Station showing the squid boats in the Gulf of Thailand. 

 Prayers on the front of the boat for safe seas and good harvest.

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