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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Curly Hair In Thailand? What's A Girl To Do?

Living in Southeast Asia, with the majority of hair any stylist works with being thick and straight, I thought I would have a hard time finding a salon to work with my fine naturally curly hair. Enter my friend Angela Scott from the blog Tieland to Thailand and her recommendation of New York New York Hair Studio in Chiang Mai.

Like Angela said in her blog post  it was very easy to call and make an appointment in English. You can also see Angela’s before and after pictures of her gorgeous hair.

I showed up a bit early and the place was packed.....always a good sign. A very nice woman brought us some cold water while we waited.

My stylist was Vera and she asked me what I wanted. I told her that I love to use the expert opinion of whoever is working on me and I would let her decide. She said she loved my curls and wanted to work with them and not go too short or I would loose them all together.

Having my hair shampooed in the US was always a chore, pretty boring and uncomfortable. Not so here. The chairs have a leg rest that lifts your legs so you are reclining and your back is not stressed. The bowl is curved for your neck but has another platform for your head to rest on so your neck is very comfortable.

I was shampooed by an assistant and part of the service here is to massage your head and neck. When I say massage, it is unlike anything I have ever felt at a hair stylist in the US. This was thumbs and fingers pressing just the right spots all over my head and temples........really getting in there and giving a proper head massage.

So this is how it went.
Shampoo and massage for two or three minutes.
Rinse and massage for another minute.
Conditioner and massage for another two or three minutes.
Rinse and another product for another two or three minutes.

Yep, I was feeling like a nap by this time.

The assistant then took me to the station and she combed out my hair while someone else stood by with a towel to catch any drips of water, which he did by quickly reaching out with a towel to gently squeeze a piece of hair. I wanted to giggle.

The chairs probably raise and lower, but the stylists have rolling stools they sit on while cutting. It is so smart. She worked on me for nearly 40 minutes while several assistants stood by watching her concentrate on my curls. After the cut, I was taken to the shampoo area again where an assistant rinsed my hair. Then two of the assistants diffused my hair and gently scrunched and twirled till they were happy. Vera came over to check and see if she wanted to do anymore snips and sure enough she found some spots she had to make perfect.

The appointment took an hour and cost 550 Baht or $17.13 USD. I gave her a tip and she told me she would be giving it to her assistants. Nice!

So, the answer is yes you can get a quality hair cut, head and neck massage and be pampered like you are royalty at a fraction of what it would cost in the US. I am very happy and will be returning to New York New York.




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