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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hiring Someone To Clean

I love a clean house, but I don't love to clean. In Thailand it is not unusual to hear about expats and even locals hiring cleaning women to come in once a week. But I was determined to do it myself and the thought of having someone in my home was a strange concept. Buying and figuring out how to use the cleaning products was a challenge with all the labels in Thai.  

Scrubbing the shower, bathroom and kitchen along with dusting and mopping the floor takes hours and while I can physically do the job, my time is becoming more precious to me. I would much rather exercise while hiking the streets of Chiang Mai and enjoy my workout in the pool under a beautiful blue sky! 

The condo building has women that clean units for moving in or out and also for hire as often as you like so I finally let go of the “Pinkies Up” notion that hiring a cleaning woman would make me appear a snob and made an appointment. 

Three women showed up and spent the next hour: 
Dust mop hard wood floor 
Wipe outside of kitchen cupboards and counters 
Wipe outside of refrigerator 
Clean windows 
Sweep and mop the terrace 
Wipe and dust all open shelves, chairs, end tables and coffee table 
Clean bathroom, shower, sink, floor, toilet and mirror. 
Change sheets on bed 
Remove cover on two standing fans to clean blades and the front and back wire cage 

All this while smiling, singing, laughing and enjoying their time in my home. 

Inside       200 Baht or $6.24 
Terrace    100 Baht or $3.12 
Total in US $9.36

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  1. I can do it for free, if you pay the travelling costs? miising you both, Joyce & Malcolm xxx