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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Trying To Save A Capsized Fishing Boat

At Khao Takiab Beach there is a small inlet to the fishing village.  We watch the boats come and go early in the morning and as the sun is going down.  We took pictures of a boat anchored outside of the inlet just off the shore.   The next morning we noticed the same boat had capsized overnight due to large swells.  The pictures below shows the struggle and different ways the fishermen tried to salvage their livelihood.

The day before the capsize.

Day One
Several boats came to help and they tied a heavy rope to try and pull the boat upright.....with no success.  They also tied barrels to the sides, also with no luck. There was a lot of pointing and yelling and looks of helplessness.

 They tried pumping the water out.

Some of the barrels broke free and these men were helping bring them to shore.

 The crew of a different fishing boat that tried to help earlier,

 Onlookers from the village.
Day Two
They tried using a pulley, winch and brute force to right the boat with a rope tied to a large boulder on the bank of the hill.   It didn't last long and we watched the boat tip over again as we walked home. This is heartbreaking.

 This is the non-result of their back breaking work.
Day Three
The anchor rope broke and the boat turned during the night.  There was no sign of anyone on the boat throughout the day and early evening.  It appears that they have stripped the rigging.

Day Four
Still no sign of anyone working to save the boat.

Day 5 and 6 
No work on the ghost ship

Day 7
The super structure at the back of the boat broke off during the night of rough waves.

Day 8
Watching as they remove what little fuel and items are left.

Day 9
We see daylight

Parts stuck in the sea floor and the remaining salvage.

Day 10
It was rough again overnight.  Probably because it was gutted and broken it managed to wash up next to the seawall.
High tide

 Low tide

Day 11
We wanted to see this through to the end, but we were hoping for a different outcome.  There is construction going on at the breakwater that we are documenting.  I guess they asked the track-hoe operator to help. 


  1. Crazy! Someone should have "Googled" it. *smirk*

    1. Vince and I were coming up with things to try. It was really strange being a silent observer.