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Sunday, September 13, 2015

When Did I Become So Slow?

After moving to Thailand it took a couple of months to slow down because you have no choice. Waiting is something you do here and no one seems to care one way or the other. Except for foreigners on vacation. They make me anxious with their energy of see all the things and do all the things. I too have been known exhibit the same behavior on vacation and my family threatens to tie a balloon to my wrist because I have a tendency to wander off when they are not looking.

There is slow and there is Thai slow. I was sure I had slowed down significantly but that was not the case because only 6 months ago I was still anxious to walk around a Thai that was shuffling their feet slowly in front of me. I just couldn't seem to pace myself to a crawl and I am not even close to being a type A personalty. But in the last couple weeks I have found myself moving slowly no matter what I do. It is always hot and humid and some days are worse than others. 

                              Slower than snail mail (Which in our case is two to three weeks!)

Like watching grass grow
Slower than molasses running uphill in January
Slower than a herd of turtles
Slower than an octogenarian wearing ankle weights
Slower than connecting with a 14.4 modem (It used to take over 30 minutes for 2 MB)

I think I better leave the house a couple hours earlier the next time I have to catch a plane!

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  1. One of the things my friend Sam pointed out when I was in BKK doing my TESOL training eons ago, was how fast foreigners walked or how slow Thais walked. I thought this to be a great observation and found myself noticing my pace, other's pace and my decision to slow down.