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Thursday, January 29, 2015

I Am Addicted!

Hello, my name is Lin and I am addicted to the internet.

You can never go backwards. So I have heard, but I am here to prove that you can and it is not pretty.

I boot up my computer, sign in and then leave the room to make coffee. That is how long it takes for web pages to load on this shared connection we have at the condo we are living in for THREE MONTHS!

Having a blog, uploading photos, surfing the net or checking up on things on Facebook is a lesson in patience. I thought something was wrong with my laptop! I tried to upload a video to our YouTube channel....for two days! It kept crashing.

When I was a child the telephone “Party Line” was just a daily thing that you put up with. If you wanted to make a phone call you picked up the large heavy phone receiver and dialed the number you wanted. But more than likely as soon as you picked up the phone you would hear two or more of your neighbors having a “Cluck Fest” and they were not about to hang up from gossiping to let you have your turn. It was a shared line and sometimes you waited hours or all day for the busy bodies to get off the phone. That was 50 years ago!

I need a 12 step program and counseling to be able to deal with the emotions I am feeling! Frustration, Anger, Denial, Irritation, and sometimes on the verge of tears because I can't function without my connection!

Wow, what have I become?

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