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We are a married couple who retired and moved to Thailand in 2014. You are welcome to join us and our travel monkeys Sun Wukong and Malcolm Jr. on our adventures! We hope you enjoy the trip as much as we do.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

I Wouldn't Change A Thing.....But Now Is The Time to Say Good Bye To Chiang Mai

Can anyone really prepare for moving to a foreign land? Google Earth make it just a tiny bit easier and I was delighted when we recognized a street or shop.

There is a children's book from 1961 called “The Country Mouse And The City Mouse”. I know now that I am the Country Mouse while Vince is the City Mouse. I realized he is more comfortable with city life than I and he has literally taken me by the hand and guided me though physical and emotional obstacles on more than one occasion.

I do love how excited I become when I see something that is completely new to me or when I taste a food I never knew existed and then a friend tells me it is an ancient dish that people still prepare with love.....Wow, Just WOW.

Chiang Mai has made me laugh and cry. I have been elated and scared, I have been awed and humbled and have been pissed off and happy. More times than I can count I have been confused and I sometimes experienced all of those emotions in one day!

But that is what being alive is all about and I wouldn't change a thing because I am still growing and learning about myself and this wonderful world that surrounds me.

Thank you Chiang Mai, but I need to listen to the ocean waves now.

                                                                   Coffee Beans

                                                       Cooking eggs in a hot springs

                                         Vince being kissed by a Lady Boy for his birthday

                                                              A cute clean songtheaw

                                                     Ms. Eden with her pink monkey

                             On our balcony with our friend Goi the day before she moved to America

                                 Street sewing is done with treadle machines and they are everywhere

                                Our friends Sengthong and Sam at Panviman Resort for dinner

                              Our friend Chissy on our way to spend the day with elephants!

                Dancing with my handsome Mr. Hat at Melt Away Bakery.  I missed his cue!

                                                       Traditional Hill Tribe clothing

Central Festival Shopping Mall is our favorite

                                                    Foot massages are everywhere

                                 Our co-worker Karyn from the University came for a visit

                                    Just after our fabulous hair cuts at New York New York

                                                    At the Karen Hill Tribe village

                                     This man was mesmerized by what Mr. Hat was doing

    This woman had a tiny table in front of a shop.  She was selling face scrub and it was wonderful!

Hi!  Just before I slipped.

                                                           So I decided to be goofy

                                              And got swept away into the deeper water

                                         Chissy had a good waterproof cover for her phone

                           I tried to dunk Vince, but forgot he was standing on the bottom!

                                            We were connecting and she touched my soul

                                             Our friend Goi at a Thai Barbecue restaurant

                                                          It was a Chai Tea Smoothie!

                                                   Look!  It's a heart shaped cloud!

                                                         Caught by a stick creature

Our new family, Chissy, Celine and Cheryl and silly Vince!   We will be visiting them in the Philippines.

                                                          Vince's new pal, Paopao.

        Whatever you can think up that Sun might have done wrong, you are probably correct.

                       Standing under the most massive leaves I have ever seen with Sengthong.

                                             Sun's new friend the African Land Snail

       Sculpture at the White Temple.  I love this old woman because she is quirky and full of bling!

                                                   First hair cut at New York New York

                                                        Oh Yea!  This is a Lady Boy.

                                           Chissy and I dancing at our Loy Krathong Party

                                        Tuk Tuk's are my favorite form of transportation

    Our friends Jay and Sacha and Chris and Angela.  This was last year, but I remember it fondly!

                                                         Karen Hill Tribe Village

                                              Our friend Sam at our Loy Krathong party!

                           Our boat driver at Red Lotus Lake.........What stories he could tell!

                               Northern Village Shops selling traditional hand made items

                             Our farewell and birthday dinner at Sengthong and Sam's condo

Real Mini Cooper from the 1960's.  Lin is so tall!

                                               Our Christmas Eve Dinner with Chissy

                                                      He was checking out the hamster

Dinner with Cheryl, Chissy and Celine at the best Vietnamese Restaurant in a very old Thai house.

                  Sam surprised me with a lovely gift of a hand made hill tribe traditional skirt.

At the Thai Burma border.  I wanted a wind chime that had pieces of jade on the strings, but $10 was out of the question and he wouldn't bargain.

                                                                  Tea Plantation

           Sengthong, Sam, Vince and I at our hotel lobby.  The furniture was gorgeous rattan!

                                            Roadside stands selling whatever is in season

      This coffee was so delicious and reminded us of our old haunt in Eugene.  We miss Vector's!

                                   At the Thai Burma border market.  She is selling boiled peanuts.

                                              Sam and Sengthong's condo for dinner!

                                                             Yes, he is my angel!

                                                  Sam making Som Tam...Papaya Salad!

Playing games on a cell phone while his Mum works selling hill tribe goods

                              Sun Wukong was happy about the inside of this songtheaw!

                                             Karen Hill Tribe women preparing lunch

                                                          View of Chiang Mai

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