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Friday, April 1, 2016

Wellington, New Zealand

March 5, 2016

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and is a lovely city.  We walked from the ship along the waterfront to the TePapa Museum and found some gifts for our family.  We saw some very nice displays and left just as it was getting busy.   Back along the waterfront we saw local Dragon Boat Clubs having races and the wharf was full of families having a great Saturday.


 Wellington Ship Terminal

 Art along the waterfront

TePapa Museum  The last sighting of the Dodo was 1662

 Mountain Jade or Maori Green Stone 

 Opal in Petrified Wood


 Warrior Dragon Boat

 Carved Back and Front of a Feather Box


 Handsome Man and a Rock in a Rock on a Rock

 These are called Pop Up Shops.  They are 1/4 shipping containers are lined up along the waterfront.  The people open the doors and sell their hand made crafts, clothing and jewelry

 Dragon Boat Races

 They tipped over and were being towed in 

 Sunsets leaving Wellington

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